Zombie Catcher Online

Zombie Catcher Online

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Zombie Catcher Online is an activity experience game in a world perplexed by a zombie attack! Planet Earth is pervaded with the undead, however we're fortunate: A.J. furthermore, Bud, two intergalactic money managers, have chosen to settle in on our homeworld! Together, they intend to get every one of the zombies and make Earth safe again - while creating an attractive gain... Who said the zombie end times couldn't be a rewarding business opportunity?

Zombie Catcher is a parody of many video games that have traps set up to catch the player alive. In this game, you play as one of the trapped cats trying to get out of the house and escape from their dangerous surroundings. You will come across many floors with different dangers, puzzles and traps waiting for you. Can you make it out alive? Good

Today, the world is a place of darkness. There are many people who have lost their reason and humanity due to the changes that occurred in the world. Those who were not able to adapt to these changes became victims of the inhuman beings and began attacking humans. The zombies with their insatiable appetite for human flesh began roaming everywhere and destroyed anything standing in their way. They went from street to street and city to city destroying everything in sight until they came across you, an ordinary human being. You have no idea why these undead creatures have set their sights on you, but you know what? You will not let them take another soul! You are a Zombie Catcher! These fearless heroes traverse through zombie-infested areas in search of living humans. Once they capture one, they return them safely back home so that they can be cured. With any luck, maybe one day our whole world will become a safe place again!

Zombie Catcher is an online game in which you will catch all the cats. Cats come at you at rapid speed, and they are very smart. They know how to escape from a trap by jumping over it or squeezing through small gaps. To play this game, your job is to catch these cats and put them back into their cage before they can escape again. You have to use your mouse for this game. However, if you are playing on Android device then you have to use 2 fingers for moving the camera and 1 finger for clicking the trap door to release the cat back into its cage again. You may also use keyboard with Z key for releasing the cat back into its cage again. 

This game has an extremely amusing and engaging plot - zombies threaten the earth that appallingly that even the outsiders come here to overcome those folks. You will play for one of the space animals, a genuine legend, who comes to our planet to save it. His granddad was a zombie catcher and presently he will proceed with the deeds of his predecessor. Take the weapons and get all the undead! The more zombies you will get, the more scores you will get. Scores will permit you to purchase new weapons and astounding instruments.

Zombie Catcher Online - Interesting 2D arcade game at Y8 with entertaining outsider in a zombie world. You want to catch every one of the zombies and gather coins to purchase new updates. Chase the zombies with your weapon, jetpack, and cerebrums to get every one of the zombies. Use coins to purchase new updates for your outsider. Have a great game.

How to play

Key Features Instructions: Move forward, back and throw the brains with the keyboard arrows, Shoot with the spacebar key. On mobile devices and tablets use the game buttons. Instruction FEATURES: -Amazing graphics -Zombies evade IA -Many worlds and levels -Jetpack -Upgrades -Hd graphics