Wuggy Crusher

Wuggy Crusher

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This new Wuggy Crusher game which we have for you is most certainly for more seasoned children and we will tell you precisely why, we are certain not every one of you love alarming games and the games with Huggy Wuggy are most certainly somewhat unnerving so we think this spic and span Wuggy Crusher activity kind of game is certainly a good time for those of you who are valiant and perhaps more established.

Yet again so come and evaluate this shiny new Wuggy Crusher since you get to play an unnerving game with Huggy Wuggy and we are certain some of you are most certainly fans. So Huggy Wuggy is a bad guy sort of character who is a foe of children and in this new game, you really get to save kids from him.

So you have a wide range of levels and stages to look at here in this game and we really want to let you know that every one of them will be more troublesome than the one preceding so you quite need to concentrate since you should be speedy. The Wuggies will come from the upper piece of the game and you really want to utilize your mouse to crush them all before they arrive at the lower part of the game since, in such a case that they pass that, you will lose a day to day existence and you possibly have three lives and when you have lost those, you should begin once again.

The Huggy Wuggies are numerous and they will come in various sizes and the greater Wuggies should be clicked more times to pound them. You really want to focus since there will likewise be a few children and you really want to allow them to pass securely. Best of luck!

How to play

Using Mouse Tap to Play!