Time Shooter 3: SWAT

Time Shooter 3: SWAT

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Time Shooter is a series of top-down perspective shooter video games. The first game in the series, was launched in 1999 for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The series has gone on to become one of the most popular FPS series for mobile platforms, with more than a dozen games released. In this edition of the series, you take on the role of a SWAT team member who is sent in to neutralize the terrorist threat in a mall. There are multiple stages to this game, each with a unique theme. You will have to fight your way through waves of enemies to reach the final showdown with the terrorist leader. You can play the game either on your own or in a local multiplayer mode. 

A simple mission turned into a nightmare. Swat 3 is a third person shooter game with a simple story. You are a member of the swat team and your mission is to eliminate the target. But, things do not go as per your expectations. You are surrounded by the enemies and you are trapped inside a building. You have to eliminate all the enemies to complete your mission before time runs out. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Time Shooter 3 is an online 3D first-person shooter video game. It is played from a first-person point of view. The player is equipped with a sniper rifle and his or her mission is to eliminate all the enemy forces. The player is also supposed to reach the extraction point in the shortest time possible. The player has to engage the enemy in a dogfight from a hidden position and eliminate them.

Time Shooter 3 Swat is an online 3D first-person shooter game in which you play as a police officer. Your main task is to protect the city from terror threats by fighting off hordes of criminals. This game has a great storyline and more than 60 challenging levels. You can also duel other players in a series of duels. 

In the year 2030, crime has become a serious issue all over the world. Police departments have been trying their best to combat crime, but they are simply too overwhelmed to handle the problem. That’s when the SWAT team comes in. The goal of each mission is simple: enter the scene and clear it.

How to play

Controls WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon Right-click = throw weapon F = pick up / throw shield