Thugs of War

Thugs of War

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Thugs of War is a 3D Battle Arena Shooter (TPS) game for players who enjoy hours of gunfights, RPG gameplay, and competitive multiplayer. Supporting up to 16 players at once, find your favorite weapon and take on the other players in a never-ending war for victory. Collect loot and cash to upgrade your weapons and gear to dominate the leaderboard.

Play in real-time against your foes and show them they can't outgun you. Thugs of War is a strategy game that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Choose from over 10 different weapons and customize your look to become the most ruthless player in town. Get ready to CREATE, DESTROY, and CONQUER!

3D shooting game that combines the fast-paced action of Multiplayer FPS with the depth and strategy of Collectible Card Games. Battle other players in Arenas, collect powerful weapons and items, and upgrade your deck to build the ultimate team. Join us in a world a little bit like a Quentin Tarantino flick, where you don't have to play nice to win.

Take your place among the Thugs of War. Choose your weapon, complete objectives to get new weapons, skills, and upgrades. Shoot your way through the arena in multiplayer battles for supremacy. Collect powerful gear to show off on the battlefield or upgrade it to make it even more powerful.

This game features: - Fun and simple controls - 2D and 3D modes - Various weapons and items to collect and upgrade - Multiplayer action: fight against your friends or enemies

Be a hero in this action-packed, third person shooter and compete against the world in the battle for survival! You'll need to build your arsenal and upgrade your weapons if you want to be the last thug standing. With lots of levels and guns, you'll have hours of fun with friends!

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