Super Stickman Sling

Super Stickman Sling

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Super Stickman Sling is an arcade online game where you'll be playing as a stickman Your goal will be to avoid all of the obstacles and complete the level. To do so, you will be able to employ ropes that you may fire like Spider-Man. This rope will adhere to certain platforms. You will be able to move across the level thanks to the rope. You will be rewarded with money at each level you complete, which you can then use to purchase new skins for your character. The game is also playable on mobile devices. So come on, let's have some fun!

Stickman Sling is a casual game with simple controls. Your goal is to help the stickman climb as many buildings as possible without falling. The trick? You only have one hand! Use the rest of your fingers to adjust your grip and sling the stickman from roof top to roof top. The game is easy to learn but hard to master: master each level for highest score and try to get 3 stars in every level. 

The Super Stickman Sling game is all about challenging the limit! Your goal is to go through endless levels by shooting enemies, grabbing power-ups and combining them with other objects.  

How to play

Mouse or Touch for Play