Super Spy Agent 46

Super Spy Agent 46

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Super Spy Agent 46 is a third-person shooting game where you can transform into agent 46 - a paid assassin and a clone that had been deadlier and louder than agent 47, and definitely, more than just a beast when it comes to taking down hordes of enemies. 

46 was created from the DNA of five different men. He is made to be the perfect spy. In Super Spy Agent 46, your mission is to complete the impossible missions, destroy some special targets like delete 100 black-coat bad guys. 

You can collect the other weapons from enemy bodies and destroyed vehicles. You are also equipped with grenades to eliminate many enemies with the fewest costs. Remember to gather first-aid bags to recover your life in real-time. 

Ready to dominate the Super Spy Agent 46? Take your weapons and let's annihilate all evil adversaries! Hope this shooting game can help to bring out the stress in you. Good luck and have fun!

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TastyCherryGames created Super Spy Agent 46


  • Collect the other weapons from enemy bodies and destroyed vehicles
  • Use grenades to eliminate many enemies with the fewest costs
  • Climb aboard powerful tanks, armored SUVs, and all kinds of special vehicles if you want to move faster and with more protection
  • Designed in HTML5 and works on all computers and phones - play in full screen without lags and without registration.


Web browsers, Android, iOS

How to play

Keyboard Control:

Action: WASD/Arrows - Move

Mouse - Aim

Space/J - Jump or ascend or drift

LMB/Z - Fire

RMB/X - Grenade or descend

MouseWheel/Q/E - Change weapon

A Jump / ascend / - drift

Right Trigger/Shoulder/X - Fire

Left Trigger/Shoulder/B - Grenade or descend

Left/Right - Change weapon

Left Shift Button - Activate Slo-Mo Time

Y - Enter/Exit

Touch controls for mobile:

Drag left stick Move 

Drag right stick Aim 

Tap up button Jump 

Tap blue button Fire 

Shift/C: Activate Slo-Mo Time 

Enter/E: Enter or exit vehicle 

Esc/P: Pause 

M: Mute audio toggle