Subway Clash 2

Subway Clash 2

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Subway Clash 2 is an 3D third person action shooting game where you can experience the thrill of being a special forces agent infiltrating an enemy base. The weapons are only limited by your imagination, collect them all to dominate the battlefield! In this game, you can choose to join the peacekeeping force or the terrorist force. You can also upgrade your weapons and buy new ones from the shops. You can even collect new weapons from enemy soldiers' corpses! This is an HTML5 video game for two players.

The game was created using 3D graphics, and it has an intense gameplay. Players will need to use guns and other weapons to defend themselves from hordes of monsters. They will also need to collect power-ups and other items such as gold coins, gems, and crystals. The game also has a menu that allows players to customize their character and purchase new weapons and accessories.

Subway Clash 2 is the newest 3D shooting game with the most challenging missions, intense gunfights, and a wide range of weapons to collect. You can choose your character from a variety of options, including a cop, soldier, or even a robot. Complete missions to earn points and compete with other players for the high score.

Subway Clash 2 is an online multiplayer-only game in the third person shooter genre. Choose to play as one of three factions and battle it out with other players in an all-out war. Gear up your character with guns, rifles, knives, grenades, and much more. Collect better gear by playing matches and defeating enemies! Earn coins for each round you play to use for purchasing booster packs that will give you better gear.

How to play

Move: WASD or arrow keys

Crouch: C

Grenade: G

Score table: Tab

Switch weapons: number keys

Shoot: left mouse button

Aim: right mouse button

Jump: spacebar

Lock/unlock mouse: L