Street Fight Space Station

Street Fight Space Station

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Street fighting has always been a part of human culture. From ancient times to the modern age, people have been watching fights in the streets to see who could last the longest. While some of these fights ended in tragedy, others had a positive outcome. This article is a tribute to the latter group of street fight stories. 

Who said fighting was only for video games? With a little practice, you can turn any room into your personal “Street Fight” space—and the key is to use the environment to your advantage. If you’ve ever dreamed of pummelling a virtual opponent into a bloody pulp, your time has finally come! With Unity, you can easily create your very own street-fighting games. Street Fighter-style, no less! With Unity, you can create your very own arcade-style games with just about any sort of protagonist you can imagine. 

We all know that space is a dangerous place. You could get shot, stabbed, or blown up by a radiation leak at any given moment. But did you know that you could get shot, stabbed, or blown up by a space station? That’s what happens in this slick new 3D action game called “Street Fight Space Station”. The premise is simple: You’re an ordinary space explorer just minding your own business when suddenly, BAM! You’re ambushed by a space station filled with vicious alien fighters. You’ve got to fight your way to the top of the station, find out what’s going on there, and hopefully escape with your life! If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I don’t know what will. But seriously, if you’re looking for an intense, high-octane, twitch-shooting, turn-based, 3D, space-based, combat game.

Did you ever wanted to fight in the space station? Now you can. Tonight we’re going to have a space station fight. For this mission, you’ll need to wear a space suit and a helmet. You’ll also need to wear some heavy armor because we’re going to have some space station fighting. 

A space station is under attack! You are the last line of defense against the invading Horde. 

How to play

Use the KEYS to MOVE, SPACEBAR to JUMP. Z or X to attack, or C to DEFEND, press double tap on A,D to run