Stickman vs Craftsman

Stickman vs Craftsman

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Stickman vs Craftman is a colorful and addictive arcade platform game developed by XGame Global. In the game, participants will have to control the man to deftly overcome challenges in the adventure.

Craftsman or Stickman is a fun and challenging game for all ages. Stickman vs Craftsman is a great action game where you can enjoy the beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay. You will play as a stickman and your main objective is to help the stickman reach the end by breaking bricks, defeating enemies and completing Challenges. There are many different types of challenges, each one with its own set of rules and objectives. The challenge may vary from creating a working elevator to planting crops or building houses for other stickmen. 

In this game, you get to play as a stickman and your goal is to build a house. You have the tools of a craftsman and the challenge is to see which one is better. Will you be able to survive in the woods or will you be chased away? The choice is yours! The tutorial video will show you how to play. Read further for more details. This game requires patience, planning, and most importantly, observation skills. If you're good at taking note of small details and noticing patterns in nature, then this game might just be for you! Stay alert because if any wild animal catches sight of you, it could attack immediately. Build your house in secret so that no living creature can harm you. 

Stickman vs Craftsman is an Adventure, Action, and Crafting game. This is a great adventure game where you need to protect your Stickman in this minecraft world by killing craftsman and collecting sticks for upgrade your house or can attack of enemy stickman. The more craftsman you kill the better material and houses you get from them. Craftsman have traps, explosives, and other defensive measures so try not to get killed if at all possible. You will have an opportunity to play with different blocks that help you make a house for your Stickman, or to take a fight against enemies in the minecraft world The more craftsman you kill the better material and houses you get from them. 

Stickman Craftsman is a very fun game! It’s an adventure game where you have to craft things, grow crops and survive in the wild. You start out with nothing but a piece of land to call your own. The only way to get started is by crafting some tools and building your first home. You might even want to grow some crops so you can eat every day. In this Stickman Craftsman walkthrough, we’ll show you everything from the very beginning, including tips on how to get the most from your first day.

How to play

Story Mode: You must find the key in order to open the door and travel to another craft world in order to return home. Defeat your opponents by hitting them, archery, or using bombs/TNT. To increase life, kill animals. Survival Mode: Collect as many coins and gems as you can. To travel to another dimension, enter the portal. Mobile touch PC/Keyboard Q/W/E to attack and Arrow to move.