Stickman That One Level

Stickman That One Level

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In Stickman That One Level game, the stickman is in peril. He was taken prisoner and imprisoned. Your job is to assist the hero in getting out of the prison.

Your stickman is in the room with the door, sticks, a platform, a golden key, and spikes.

The creators of the Noob vs. Pro team's Stickman That One Level successor of logic games with Noob and Pro experiences have released it.

From jailbreak to jailbreak I live! Stickman is attempting to flee once more! Stick won't be able to elude the prison! You may find all of this in the video game Stickman That One Level!

It's possible that you'll need more keys, drag it, or that the gravity is weak and you'll hit the ceilings more quickly. Either way, in each case, avoid the rotating spiked wheels because if you touch them you are going to die instantly, which forces you to start the level again from scratch.

The fun does rise as the difficulty does, so let's start now and stick around for more fun to come because it would be a shame not to!

How to play

Left and right arrows to run Up arrow to jump Solve puzzle to complete the level