Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

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Stickman Temple Duel is a temple found in the Last Dimension, where a stick figure named Larry and his friend Johnny are exploring this place for finding some ancient relics. They discovered many things here and finally found the Stickman Temple. In this temple, there are many dangerous traps that could kill anyone who steps into it. So, be careful when you enter the temple, because you never know what’s waiting for you inside. The Stickman Temple is a challenging 2 player adventure game with action combat mechanics and clever puzzles. The game features various traps such as spiked floors, fire pits and acid pools which can kill you instantly if they touch you while exploring the temple.

You must stay alert at all times because one moment of carelessness could cost you your life. There are also strange floating rocks that look like eyeballs that follow your every move so don’t get freaked out by anything weird or creepy if you see them. - How to Play - The goal of each level is to guide both Larry and Johnny through the temple alive without getting killed by any traps or enemies along the way. You will have to use your wits and logic to find clever solutions that won’t lead either Larry or Johnny into harm’s way. There are no checkpoints so make sure you complete each level successfully before moving onto the next one!

In this game you will fight against your friend in a stickman temple duel. You can play with other players, but it's strongly not recommended. This is an adventure fighting game for two players. You control a Stickman character who must defeat his enemy in a duel, who controls the same character. The battle takes place in a temple and its clean layout helps to see your enemy better and react faster to any attack that he might make against you. You have to hit your opponent as many times as possible until he is defeated; once he falls down, you win the duel. This may seem easy at the beginning of the game, but playing against another player will be challenging from the first second onwards and it does not get any easier as the game progresses either. If you are one of those people who love challenges, this is the perfect game for because every time you fail or when you lose, it gets harder and harder! You will need all of your skill and determination to win over your Don’t let him win! 

Kairi’s world was destroyed by the hands of Kingdom Hearts. If a person has not seen their home town before, it might be easy to blame it on anyone. However, this is but one of many reasons as to why Kairi’s home-town was destroyed. The Heartless had invaded and devoured everything that Kairi had ever known and loved. Everything was completely gone except for one thing: Her memories. They were sealed in the Kingdom Hearts and were spread out across different worlds to protect them from being taken away again. With her memories scattered, she can no longer see her friends or her family again anymore. However, some of them managed to escape the destruction in time and live on in other worlds with new faces and new memories. 

In this stickman duel you fight a stickman against another stickman. You control either Stick Man or his rival character and try to beat the opponent with your move sets. You will face many challenges in your quest for victory. This is a different type of fighting game, You will have to think quickly and strategically in order to win. Are you skilled enough to defeat your opponent? Stickman Temple Duel is an action-packed multiplayer adventure game which lets you play as one of the two stick men characters exploring the temple and challenging other stickmen in duels. This is a 2 player dueling adventure game where players must cooperate together to beat the opposing stickmen that reside in the temple. 

The Stickman Temple is your new home. You have been banished here for committing sins. And now that you are here, you must build your new life and prove yourself worthy of returning to the outside world. 

How to play

Instruction Controls for Story Mode: Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys Aim : Mouse Control Shoot: Mouse Left Click Controls For 2 Player: Player 1 Movement : Arrow Keys Player 1 Shoot : "L" Key Player 1 Shield: "K" Key Player 2 Movement: WASD Keys Player 2 Shoot: "F" Key Player 2 Shield: "G" Key Controls for VS Bot: Movement: Arrow Keys Shoot: "L" Key Shield: "K" Key