Stickman Shooter 2

Stickman Shooter 2

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Stickman Shooter 2 is another shooting game that you should not miss! In this game, your mission is to kill as many stickmen as you can in the given time and with limited bullets. You will play as a sniper and shoot all of the bad guys that appear on the screen. With every shot, try to hit them in the head for more points. If you manage to get a perfect score, then you can set a new high score for yourself and compete with your friends as well. 

This game is a shooting game, in which you have to shoot the enemies with your gun and not let them shoot you! In this second part of Stickman Shooter, you will face even more challenging enemies that have special skills to make things even trickier for you. Keep an eye on their red indicators so that you know when they are about to attack. Shoot them before that happens and get the highest score possible! 

In this 3D first person shooter game, you are a lone sniper who is part of the forces attacking an enemy stronghold. Your mission is to eliminate anyone who poses a threat and get them before they get you. In each level, there will be a variety of different enemies that you need to take out as fast as possible. 

This one is the new sequel to the first Stickman Shooter game. It’s an online third-person shooter game with a lot of great features and graphics. This is a fast-paced shooting action game with cool characters, weapons, and locations. It’s easy to learn but hard to master. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop! 

How to play

Mouse or Touch for Play