Stickman Killer: Top gun Shots

Stickman Killer: Top gun Shots

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Stickman Killer: Top gun Shots is an action game. You will play as a Stickman who is trying to survive in the war field. There are many stick men fighting for the same spot, and you are one of them. They have killed your friends and fellow soldiers, and now it’s your turn to kill them in return. You need to use your weapons wisely if you want to survive long enough and make it back home safely in this war zone. Kill everyone who tries to take your life from you, stay alive! SHOOT THE STICKMAN WITH YOUR WEAPON -Use Mouse to Aim and Shoot them.- Different Enemies have different attacks that you need to be careful of at all times when trying to avoid being ganged up on by multiple enemies or when trying to figure out their attack patterns. If they see you or hear you then they might alert other stick men that may be lurking around waiting for an opportunity to attack as well. -Minimap is used for Map and Compass.- Stick Figure Enemies can be easily killed with one shot if you have the right weapon at the right time so don’t waste bullets on low health enemies unless it’s absolutely necessary.

"Stickman Killer : Top Gun Shot" is a talent based contest and speed in which you should string together discharges, reloads and evades. Various weapons are accessible to you. You should avoid the shots of your ennemies or you will or pass on. The universe of this game makes it really remarkable.

Stand before your rivals and begin to shoot. Every adversary has its particularity. A daily existence bar shows your wellbeing. You have a restricted measure of weapons.

Top Gun is one of the most famous film series of all time. The movies have been so successful because they are both action packed and also have some great comedy moments. If you have never seen these movies before, you should definitely check them out. They are full of awesome action scenes and great cinematography. The best part about watching these movies? They are almost all based on real events! Sure, the main character played by Tom Cruise was a fighter pilot, but many other characters were based on real-life pilots as well. These top 3 Top Gun movie characters inspired me to take up flying again after years of not being able to enjoy it as much as I used to. 

Stickman Killer is a new real time strategy game with fantastic graphics and cool gameplay. In this survival game you have to survive as long as possible against stickman zombies. Defend your house, build different defensive towers and traps, upgrade your houses and buy more weapons to kill the zombies faster! The zombies will attack from all sides of your house, try to protect it at all costs! You can also change the camera perspective in the settings menu. Have fun!

Features of game

- Real time strategy with amazing Stickman graphics

- 4 different maps with many different zombie types!

- Upgrade your base and make it stronger than ever before

- Buy better weapons to kill in less than 3 seconds the fastest zombie


How to play

Using Mouse