Stickman Ghost Online

Stickman Ghost Online

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In Stickman Ghost Online the objective of the game is to take the courageous stickman to the furthest limit of every one of the levels overcoming the stickman ninja who won't hold back to dispense with you. Prepare and squash your opponents and become the last endurance phantom in the Stickman City. Utilize a wide range of strong and intriguing weapons to battle. Perform numerous combos and rout all foes to arrive at the chief and save the universe of the malicious Stickman. Gather coins and redesign your personality with new weapons, developments, abilities and skins to make due and become a definitive apparition champion.

Stickman Ghost is an ideal mix of a pretending game, hack and cut activity games, and stickman game.

This game contains an assortment of weaponry, for example, blades, bows to turn into a toxophilite, bowman. With the abilities and hardware, the stickman will be shipped to the universe of the appealing stickman. You should turn into a stickman ninja hero to battle with malicious sticks and awe-inspiring shadow managers.
Do you have sufficient inspiration, mental fortitude, and enthusiasm to join the fight?
Battle for equity and obliterate the abhorrent stick to keep away from the elimination of the Stick ninja world with the class of stickmen!

Stickman Ghost Online is an interesting vertical stickman battling game with a capable person furnished with a samurai sword to battle vast aggressors. Assume the job of a phantom fighter and utilize your sharp edge to kill all of the baddies stepping on your way. Attempt to endure the assaults to get every one of the levels free from this free internet game.

On your savage process you will track down coins to update your personality and open new looks, as well as transitory extra overhauls that make you more grounded or mend you. Fellows with sharp edges or tremendous tomahawks, flying shurikens, lethal snares like spikes emerging from the beginning numerous different dangers are hanging tight for you in Stickman Ghost Online, a free web based game

Stickman Ninja is an online unity 3d action game. In this cool stickman ninja world, You are a Stickman and you need to run from other Stickmen. The Stickmen are coming from above and below. You can’t see them but they can see you. Hide in the dark and use your wit to stay alive. Avoid stickmen by running into them or hide in the dark and wait for them to pass by. Keep running! You must be fast as they will appear everywhere! Don’t let them touch you; if they do press P to punch them at distance or O to kick them while hiding in the dark if they come near you while get close enough while touching you; don’t press P or O too often as it consumes energy very quickly! Be careful not too look around, they might find you! Survival is crucial here so earn coins and unlock new equipment like head lamp, gloves, shoes, etc so that you can have a better chance at staying alive longer without getting found. The more coins/equipment/time spent playing the game means a higher chance of staying alive longer without being found until escape time comes again! Keep running from stickmen using your ninja skills and become one of the greatest ninja masters ever! 

Stickman Ghost is a kind of action game. It’s an online game which you can play on your android and IOS devices. The stick man is the character of this game who is going to fight against evil ghost. In order to protect the world from the evil ghosts, he has a mission to complete. There are several types of weapons like axe, bow and arrow, sword, spear etc in this game which help him in killing the evil ghosts easily. If you like Adventure games then you will love this too. You will be excited to play it continuously after the first time because of its amazing gameplay and graphics quality.

How to play

Controls: WASD to moveSpacebar to jumpClick to attack On keyboard use the on-screen buttons