Stickman Archer Warrior

Stickman Archer Warrior

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Stickman Archer Warrior is an action shooting game. You can play it with 1 player on a single device or as multiplayer with network players. The great graphics and the cool physics will make you feel like in the real world. Your goal is to protect your village from the incoming enemies by shooting at them with your bow and arrow. But be careful! Don’t stand still or they might attack you unexpectedly! You have to be quick and react in order to survive. Make sure that no one can find you and keep shooting your enemies until they all die! 

This amazing game game is a fun, addictive and challenging game for both casual and hardcore gamers. You will love playing this action-packed shooting game of stickman archer warrior. The goal is to shoot the different colored sticks that come out from the barrel in each level. A perfect target will get you 3 stars while a miss could cost you 1 star.

In this cool archer game you are a brave stickman warrior. Your mission is to help the little archer to reach safely home. You have bow and arrows and some coins. Buy new arrow from shop if you run out of them. Avoid enemies, collect coins, open chests to get more money for upgrades and so on. Follow the little stickman through dangerous lands full of Stickmen, Traps and angry Monsters in order to reach home safe and sound! Arrows never run out so be smart with your shots! 

If you like Stick War, this game is for you. In this game, you will find many interesting things. At the first sight, it seems something usual and common but with a little practice, it can become a great challenge for you. 

How to play

Mouse Controls