Stick Merge

Stick Merge

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Stick Merge is the best Christmas game for the holiday season! Get into the spirit of things with this fun, fast-paced action game. Your objective is to help Santa Claus deliver presents to kids around the world.. But there’s a catch: You can only access these locked rooms by completing various challenges like jumping, climbing, avoiding obstacles, and more. 

In this fun and exciting Christmas game, you will get to play as a friendly little Stickman who is on his way to visit his relatives for the Christmas holidays. He is traveling through the woods with his trusty red car when all of a sudden he gets stuck in a snowstorm. Help him get out of there by merging the snow-covered trees with your green merge stickman character. This fun and exciting game will test your visual perception skills as well as your problem solving abilities. 

Stick Merge is a casual game that combines elements of action and merging. The objective of the game is to combine different kinds of firearms to produce more potent weaponry, which you will then use to take out the moving stick figures at the shooting range. To become the best shooter in town, you'll need to stock up on ammunition, improve your weaponry, and investigate every available power-up. How much of a power boost can you expect from Stick Merge? Stay here to discover the answer!

Stickmen are back and this time they’re going to save Christmas. The evil Mr. Crow has stolen the magical Stick Elf and all of the Christmas presents! It is up to you, brave stickman, to restore peace and happiness to the world again. Transform into different types of stickmen with special abilities like ninja, carpenter or even reindeer! Explore the snowy forest, creepy toy factory and more as you gather Christmas presents and hunt for hidden objects. 

Stickman Christmas Revenge is a brand new action packed game from the popular Stickman Warriors series! In this epic game you play as an angry gingerbread man who has been left out of the Stickman family Christmas photo. As revenge, you must defeat all of the Stickman family members to stop them from having a happy holiday ever again. 

In this action packed Christmas game, you’ll take control of a little Stickman who is trying to get home in time for Christmas. In order to do this, he needs to destroy all the evil red blocks that are stopping him from getting home. 

How to play

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard