Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

Stick Duel : Medieval Wars

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Medieval Wars is a unique 2D stickman game. It combines the thrilling strategy of a medieval tower defense with the pure fun of a classic 2D platformer! You play as either a cunning Knight, or as an agile Wizard. During your quest you will explore various themed levels, fight against gigantic bosses, and use everything in your arsenal to defeat your opponents. You can also team up with a friend and take on the world together with Stickman Warriors! Are you prepared for Medieval Wars? Stickman Warriors is an action-packed physics based arcade game that pits cute little stick figure characters against each other in epic combat! 

Get medieval in this medieval stickman war game. Battle against the enemy team and prove your skills as a true commander. Use your array of weapons to destroy the rival team. Strategize and outsmart your opponent with quick thinking and reaction time. Use your arrows to accurately fire at the opponent; so that it can be destroyed before it wrecks you. Commanding an army is not for the faint hearted! You must be able to think on your feet, make critical decisions quickly, and keep everyone motivated during heated situations.

Stick Duel is a physics-based medieval stickman duel game. In this stick battling game, you can test your skills against your friends or random players. You will see awesome animations of your character when they attack and dodge the opponent’s attacks. If you are new to this genre, don’t worry we got you covered! We have a tutorial video that will guide you step by step through the gameplay. 

Stickman Medieval Wars is a great 2D medieval stick-fighting game with realistic animations and physics. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent by punching his face continuously until he goes down. Each player controls a stickman and you need to fight against your opponent in different locations, from the forest to the castle, from the beach to the desert. 

Stick Duel is a medieval game. This game has many fighting games with stick figure. In the Stick Duel, you control two characters at the same time and attack together against your enemy. The goal is to strategically defeat your opponent by attacking their weak spots. Each characters has different abilities that are strategicly used to gain victory over your opponent. 

How to play

Left Player Move : A - D keys or Touch Right Player Move : Right and Left arrow keys or Touch