Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Squid Squad Mission Revenge

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We are the Squid Squad Mission Revenge, a team of mysterious undersea heroes. You are our newest recruit. Together, we will fight evil plans to take over the world with the weapons of the sea-our tentacles! Join us in an action-packed world filled with adventure, mystery, and lots of enemies to defeat.

What await you in Squid Squad Mission Revenge?

Squid Squad Mission Revenge is a game where your goal is to get revenge on the evil, giant squid who has taken over the world. You will become one of the survivors of these squid games. You must fight your way through missions and complete various challenges to save the world. Along the way, you can collect coins to purchase new weapons or unlock new content for this action-packed game.

Squid Squad Mission Revenge is a run and gun side-scrolling action arcade game that will test your skills. The missions are easy at first but get harder the more you progress. Now you can enjoy hours of fun with this addicting game.


- Try not to waste your bullets.

- Exceed each level and improve your score to get the chance to obtain new weapons

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Web browsers, Android, iOS

How to play

Point and shoot with the mouse

Touch the screen on mobile devices.