Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter

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Join the mortal arena Squid Game in Squid Fighter! This 3D fighting online game is a perfect place for anyone who wants to show battle skills and is perfect for playing single or double. Ready? Let's fight your own way and become the winner in the Squid Game arena!

What await you in Squid Fighter?

You are going to battle with Squid Game characters! There are 2 players: Player 1 assumes the role of a red guardian, while Player 2 becomes player 001 from Squid Game or Mr. Oh Il-nam.

You will take part in a 3-round battle where you have to get two wins to become the final winner.

The rule is simple: kick, punch, and attack your opponent in order to deplete his health bar first. If you can empty it out before he can do the same, you will win.

Play this fighting game with your friends with the 2-player choice or choose the single-player mode. Let's start fighting!

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Hihoy company


Web browsers, Android, iOS


How to play

Player 1:
WASD = move / jump / crouch,
F = punch,
G = kick,
R = special attack.
Player 2:
Arrows = move / jump / crouch,
K = punch,
L = kick,
O = special attack