Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE

Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE

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Slenderman Must Die: DEAD is a horror game that will make your heart race. As a lone survivor, you must find your way out of the forest while avoiding the Slenderman. There are different challenges to test your wits, including finding clues, solving puzzles, and more. You'll be hooked from the very first scene.

Slenderman Must Die: DEAD is a new and the latest of the Slenderman Must Die series of games. It is more challenging and at the same time more entertaining than ever.

Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE is an action game with horror elements. You play as the protagonist who must use his full arsenal of weapons to kill Slenderman. The game features 8-bit graphics, 3D environments, and simple controls.

Help Slenderman Must Die escape from an abandoned asylum. He's the most feared creature in the world, but this time he needs your help. You are his only hope! Survive through 30 levels of horror while avoiding getting caught by one of the asylum's twisted inhabitants. When you get to the end, you'll have to face Slenderman himself!

How to play

WASD Move Mouse for Shoot, look and AIM F Pickup Items Space Jump