Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers

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Battle your enemies in the arena to get the highest score. Shell Shockers is a 3D, multiplayer, first-person shooter game that supports up to 6 players in one game. Shoot your opponents with any of your weapons or get them with a well-placed grenade. The only way to win is by eliminating every player on the map!

Our revolutionary 3D shooter game is unlike any other. You can play with people from all over the world, explore a huge map of various terrains, and get hooked on our thrilling combat system. Shell Shockers is a free-to-play game that will keep you on your toes with non-stop entertainment. If you love multiplayer games and FPS games, this is the perfect fit for you!

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer, 3D, first-person shooter game, with guns and weapons. Challenge your friends to a battle in the arena! With stunning graphics and audio effects, you'll feel as if you're there. Play with your friends or the AI. It's free to download.

Shell Shockers is a fast-paced multiplayer shooting game with loads of weapons and game modes. It has stunning 3D graphics, simple controls, and great physics.

How to play

The Shell Shockers io game uses standard first person shooter controls:

  • WASD keys for movement
  • Left mouse for shooting
  • Spacebar for jumping
  • Shift for aiming
  • E for changing weapons
  • R for reloading