Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus Rampage

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Playing the game Sharkosaurus Rampage is dangerous and brutal. There are some experiments going on somewhere on the hidden island. They have produced the newest and most dangerous species, which broke out and is wreaking havoc within the facility. Help this hazardous beast get out of the lab by allowing Sharkosaurus to escape. Eat anybody who interferes with the Sharkosaurus and clear out the lab of all obstructions by doing so. Clear every dangerous level to win the game. Sharkosaurus will eat anything because it is so ravenously hungry.

Let’s face it, as much as we all love dinosaurs, they were not known for being the most peaceful creatures. Never mind the rather unfortunate ending they all came to; in their time they weren’t exactly the cuddliest of beasts. And even taking into account the rather unusual theories that they may have been able to swim and had feathers instead of scales, there is still no getting around the fact that dinosaurs were ferocious predators. 

In this new simulation game you can play as the king of the ocean, the shark, or the most feared predator in history, a T-Rex. You are one of these three species and you need to destroy everything on your path. Beware of Pterodactyls since they can kill you anytime. Be fast and furious to become victorious! Play as a Sharko, an angry green T-Rex or a sneaky common gray T-Rex by clicking on your favourite character to begin! 

Are you ready for the most epic and chaotic dinosaur simulation game ever? Then get ready for Sharko et Rex! You can play as one of these three prehistoric beasts, each having its own unique behavior and characteristics. You can explore a wide range of environments, search for food, fight other beasts and so much more! But beware, as this is not an easy game and you will have to train your brain to be able to solve puzzles and challenges in order to proceed in this epic adventure. 

In this super cool simulation game you can play as a fierce Sharkosaurus! Are you ready to rampage and destroy everything in sight? If so, let’s get to it! In this game, you get to experience what it would be like if a shark and a T-Rex had a love child. Sounds awesome right? Get ready to shred some buildings, smash some cars, and eat some humans along the way. This is going to be one wild ride. 

In this simulation game, you will be a shark or T-rex with the ability to destroy everything in your path. Your task is to destroy as much as you can while avoiding humans and trying not to get trapped somewhere. You will face challenges from hunters, snakes and even other creatures that are stronger than you. 

How to play

Get out of the secret area.