Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

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Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is a fighting game featuring a story mode and two player support that has eight unique playable characters. You and your friend can compete against each other on the same local computer to see who is the better fighter.

You and your opponent will be playing as a pair of heroic warriors, fighting against an odd array of foe using the power of cards, weapons, spells and other means to deal with the evil that is trying to destroy The Kingdom. You'll need to work together as a team if you hope to defeat the enemies and drive them out for good! In this game, you'll play as one of the four main Warriors from The Kingdom - Yaeger, Gremory or Merkabah. Each character has their own specialized ability to help you in battle: Playing as YaeGER: Your deck is full of fast moving creatures that can take down your foes quickly. If there's any good thing about being an Elf though it is that their quick speed isn't restricted by their short stature! 

Hero Duel is a new fast paced card game for 2 players that plays in 15 minutes. Each player controls one of the ‘Hero’ characters. You compete to take down your opponent’s characters by playing powerful cards into your deck. Strategy, planning and a fast hand are vital because if you don’t keep track of what you have and what your opponent has then they can easily take down your hero before you even realize it. Each hero has their own unique powers, weapons and spells that can only be used once per duel. But beware! Your opponent will also have their own deck full of tricks and traps so keeping track of what they have is key to winning the battle! 

Play this epic 2-player fighting game with your friends and dominate the arena! Use different heroes to fight against other players. Unlock new characters and game modes as you progress in the game. With EASY TO PLAY but difficult to MASTER controls, this is one fighter game YOU need to play! - FIGHTING: Assemble a team of 5 fighters to beat your enemies in epic battles. There are many ways to win; from speed to strategy, and anything can happen during a fight. 

Today’s fight is between two of the deadliest fighters in all of Shadow City. Face off against your rival and see who reigns supreme! This two-player game introduces an innovative fight system that pits you against your friend in a bid to be the ultimate fighter. Each player takes control of a different fighter, so you can team up with a friend or play face-to-face with a rival. 

In this Android game, you can play as one of the two main character and fight with another player to prove who is the best. Use your skills, tactics, reflexes and intuition to conquer the other player. As this battle is between a hero and their shadow, it will have a different ending based on what side wins. You only have one chance to win so make sure you are not making any mistakes and use everything you’ve got!

How to play

Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Punch: "F,G,H" Kick: "C,V" Dash: "A-D" - 2X Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch: "U,I,O" Kick: "K,L" Dash: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" - 2X