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Scar is a multiplayer, 3D, battle-scarred world with realistic weapons and vehicles. Fight for supremacy in various modes, from deathmatches to king of the hill. Play with your friends or against them in these fast-paced, gun-fueled skirmishes. SCAR is a multiplayer third-individual fight royale shooter game roused by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrou.

This is a game cutting-edge, graphics-intensive, immersive multiplayer game with fast-paced car chases, action, violence, and more. It's one of the best 3D games in the world! In this open-world environment, you can drive cars, boats, bikes, and shoot guns with other players in multiplayer mode. There are extensive features to discover by yourself.

Scar is a 3D shooting game where you can create, share and play user created maps and vehicles. Featuring state-of-the-art graphics and a variety of incredibly realistic-looking weapons and vehicles.With over 40 vehicles and models, Scar is the perfect game for those that want to spend hours playing and creating maps.It is a car racing, boat racing, and bike racing simulator. Scar incorporates a lot of features including a single player campaign, different cars, bikes and boats with upgrades to make the gameplay more competitive and addictive.

SCAR is an activity 3D game from third individual view where you'll be battling with your foes on a forlorn island. It's an extraordinary multiplayer game with players from one side of the planet to the other battling against you. Attempt to find the best weapons around that will assist you with overcoming your rivals. You might drive a vehicle, which is something that will give you an edge over different players. In the menu, you can modify your personality in the event that you'd like, for example you can give it a cap, an alternate arrangement of garments, and so forth. You can likewise pick the class that you might want to play as. There are 5 altogether at this point.

How to play

WASD/arrow keys = Move or drive

Mouse = Move character/vehicle camera

CapsLock = Walk/run

Shift = Sprint

Space = Roll

\or scroll = Switch weapon

g = Get an item

f = Fight

r = Reload

e = Action button

tab = Show scoreboard

t = taunt

v = visual