Real Shooting Fps Strike

Real Shooting Fps Strike

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Welcome to the world of Real Shooting Fps Strike! Get ready for the ultimate shooting experience as you level up and unlock exciting new weapons, gear, and locations. You'll have a blast as you take on dangerous missions from important people in the government. Enjoy life as a rifleman with fast-paced shooting and challenging missions.

If you're looking for a shooting game that'll challenge you and not bore you, this is the one! Shoot your way through more than 100 levels of play and get experience points along the way. You'll see your skills grow at every level. And the best part is that you get to battle bots, friends, and even strangers from around the world.

Get ready for the best action-packed shooting fps fighting game. Take control of your character and begin your adventures. This is a 3d shooting game with addictive and challenging gameplay. It's the real shooting fps strike for you.

The best 3D shooting action game is here! You will love the realistic graphics, the challenging missions, and the addictive gameplay. With different weapons to choose from, you can shoot your way through this action-packed game. Don't miss out on the ultimate shooter experience in 2020!

How to play

Movement - WASD

Fire - left mouse

Zoom - right mouse

Jump - space

Lock cursor - L

Crouch - C

Reload - R