Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War

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Raid Heroes: Total War is an action game in which you must defend the kingdom against the army of the Dark Lord. Gather your best heroes and plan your strategy for victory. 

Raid Heroes Total War is a fantastic blend of role-playing games, tactical games, idle heroes games, and auto battle games. The threat has returned to the kingdom! The Dark Lord's army has appeared on the borders, indicating that the conflict will be truly entire!

You can take your hero on a quest against the goblins and other minions of the Dark Lord in this role-playing game (RPG). Earning hero cards allows you to meet and acquire more allies along the road. The game begins with a short tutorial. When new game components are implemented, informational pop-ups will display.


  • Choose your favorite hero: knight, ninja, archer, or even king!
  • Investigate, refine, and reforge artifacts such as knives, swords, bow and arrows, and even the Bible (why not?).
  • Face off against an army of zombies, goblins, pirates, and assassins.
  • Protect your town from other players.
  • Create and defend a castle in your township.
  • Choose a target and attack another player's castle.
  • Clash your hero band with other players' teams in the player vs player (pvp) arena to become a champion.
  • Collect goodies and press tap tap to level up your knight, assassin, or other hero. They are no longer idle heroes; they are arena legends!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game UI.