Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D

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Paper Fighter 3D is a fighting game for two players. Do you and your friends love karate, martial arts, wrestling, or any other kind of fighting? Martial artists are ready to demonstrate their skills in a retro environment made of paper layers. The Paper Fighter 3D game features one or two player short fight matches. Each fight match consists of three rounds, with the winner taking two of them. Use your punches and kicks at the appropriate times; the special strike will be available when your power bar is depleted.

Do you have what it takes to reign as the Paper Champion? In this free, 2-player computer game, you and a friend will compete against one another in epic battles of wits and strength. You will be able to select from three unique characters with their own special abilities and attack style. Your job is to take down your opponent by attacking their weak points, while defending yourself at all times. 

Paper Fighters 3D is a local 2 player fighting game where you and your friend can fight as paper fighters to win the match. Playing with your friends in the same room will bring you much more fun! 

How to play

Move: "W,A,S,D"
Punch: "F"
Kick: "G"
Special Attack: "R"