One Escape

One Escape

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One Escape is a new immersive game that’s currently available as an exclusive beta version for iOS and Android users. The gameplay involves you escaping from a prison cell with the help of other online players. You will first need to find the hidden key in your cell, which will enable you to open the door and look for useful items such as weapons, tools or even documents. You can also search for additional clues like old letters, books or even maps that might be of use later on. 

If you’ve ever played The Sims, you know how hard it can be to keep your character happy and fulfilled. When that red bar starts to drop, it feels like your Sim is about to crack from stress any moment. Same goes for video games. Sometimes they’re so hard they give you anxiety and leave you feeling like there’s no way out. But then there are those games that make you feel like a genius when you solve a puzzle or find a hidden passage -- the ‘aha moment’ that leaves you feeling clever and accomplished. If you get stuck, try reading our article on Tips And Tricks To Escape The Prison faster!

If you like challenges and don’t get scared easily, then you’re gonna love this !!! You are locked in a prison cell along with other inmates. You will have to escape from the prison by finding clues, solving puzzles and avoiding scary inhabitants of the prison. If you think you have what it takes to escape from this prison, then let’s begin.

Prisonbreaking is the ultimate test of your ability to think outside the box and solve complex puzzles! In this game, you’ll have to crack codes, break ice locks, collect hidden passcodes, and even crack a code lock to escape from an abandoned prison. 


How to play

Use the "J" key to jump. Press W//D to move around.