Om Nom Bounce

Om Nom Bounce

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In the arcade game Om Nom Bounce, the player's objective is to vanquish their foes by directing candy directly towards them. Jump your way through forty increasingly difficult levels!

ZeptoLab is the company behind Cut the Rope and its new spin-off. In this article you will learn everything about Om Nom Bounce, a new casual game with ZeptoLab characters. 

Fresh from their success with Cut the Rope, ZeptoLab has released another extremely simple and casual-friendly puzzle game called Om Nom Bounce. This is another perfect example of a hypercasual game, which basically means that it’s very easy to learn, very easy to play, but also very difficult to master. Anyone who likes match 3 games or bubble shooters should be able to get into this one pretty quickly though! 

Om Nom Bounce is the perfect addition to our website to make us fall all over again in love with Om Nom Games online, which is the figurehead to the Cut the Rope Games series and its many sequels and spin-offs, where right now you are about to have a completely different experience through bouncing, which will test out your puzzle-solving skills in a brand new way! Om Nom Bounce is the perfect addition to our website to make us fall all over again in love with Om Nom Games

Jump up and down with Om Nom!
Because the Spider Wizard has taken the buddy's companions, you need to assist them escape. When the spiders attack you, hold on to Om Nom and move him toward the spiders to cause the character to discharge little projectiles at them; then, release Om Nom to make your shot.

If you launch projectiles from the board, you can catch them and then employ them in your attacks. This will help you score more hits because you will have fired a greater number of projectiles in a single burst than your opponents.

The number on each spider will tell you how many times it needs to be hit. This number will be broken down into hundreds, reflecting the fact that each projectile has a power value of one hundred.

It will get increasingly tough to eliminate waves of hostile spiders as you progress through the game; but, you must complete every stage in order to free your allies, therefore it is imperative that you prevail.

Casual gaming is all about finding new ways to entertain as many people as possible. There’s so much competition these days, that creating something that stands out from the crowd is no small feat. That’s why we love Hypercasual games. They are simple in nature, but very effective in execution. 

ZeptoLab is the studio behind Cut the Rope and Cozy Witch. We love playing their games, so when they announced a new one called Om Nom Bounce we were thrilled! And it’s another hit from them. It’s an arcade game with a wicked cool monster and some clever gameplay. 

In this brand new ZeptoLab installment, you control Om Nom as he bounces around and solves physics-based puzzles. After being locked away in the candy dungeon for his destructive behavior, Om Nom breaks out and needs your help to get back home! 

How to play

Click and hold the mouse button to aim, release to shoot. On mobile: tap and hold to aim. Release to shoot.