Noob Skyblock

Noob Skyblock

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Noob Skyblock is a Minecraft server where you can learn how to play Sky block but also have fun with friends and family. This server is for those who want an easy and relaxed mode. Noobs are welcome here and we will help you grow into the game. The staff team will teach you on how to build outhouses, farms, storage depots, mines, and everything else that you need to know as a new player. 

Skyblock is a type of game mode found in sandbox games like Minecraft, with the most popular one being probably the PC version. In this game mode, players are presented with an almost infinite world where they have to build anything they want and solve various challenges in order to survive. One of the main features that make these games so attractive for casual gamers is the fact that you don’t need any skills or knowledge about how to play in order to enjoy them. Newbies can start from the very beginning and learn along the way until finally reaching the top.

Skyblock is a popular sandbox based game where you are able to build your very own world. This game offers players with the ability to build their very own hub in the sky, complete with mountains, trees and other landmarks that one can expect of a real world. It also allows players to create their very own farms where they can grow their very own crops, produce their own food and so much more. 

Skyblock is the most popular and trending sandbox mode in Minecraft. Players love being able to play a game where they are the hero instead of being an antagonist or a victim. They get to craft anything they want, build their own home, farm animals and crops, tame wolves and cats and ride horses through the vast open plains. In order to play this game mode, you need to have your own private island with access to trees and water so you can build your house and start crafting from that point. 

How to play

Use the Arrow keys \ WASD to control the game. If you are playing from a phone, just tap the buttons on the screen