My Shark Show

My Shark Show

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My Shark Show is a pleasant arcade game where you play as a shark performing stunts. Give your clients most extreme fulfillment by carrying out red hot pointless tasks, eating meat, and crushing into different human interlopers!

In this new show, the contestants will have the opportunity to compete with each other in a series of challenges and elimination rounds. The show will also feature a live chat between the audience and the contestants, making it feel like they're all in the same room! Join them on an epic journey and see who emerges as the My Shark Show champion!

My Shark Show is the best new TV show for children of all ages. Get ready to have some fun with our new friends, Sharky, Mr. Shifty, and of course the amazing Dolphins!

I am the Shark. I was born to be an entertainer. I am always happy and never get mad. When I am called on stage, I will always do my best for you, you're my audience. My name is My Shark Show, and when you need exciting entertainment, shout my name!

Confront a pack of sharks with just a knife, but you're not just any shark, you're a hungry Great White Shark! Eat your way to victory as you glide through the ocean with just your fins and fangs. Survive as long as possible by avoiding obstacles and being sly around sharks.

Alright, kids! Put your hands together for the one and only, My Shark Show. Join me in my underwater journey to save the sharks and stop pollution from harming our oceans! Your favorite sea creatures will be there too. So come on in and start your swim down to the deep blue!

Instructions to Play

Different level subjects
My Shark Show is a simple and tomfoolery game that anybody can play. Essentially utilize the directional keys to move around the water and complete the different undertakings given to you. There are new deceives you can do on each level!

Perform well for cash
The group will cheer and toss more cash at you the better you perform stunts. Be a decent shark and do your stunts well to get the most extreme compensation for each level.

Purchase new creatures
In the wake of a monotonous day intriguing people with your destructive deceives, you can utilize your cash to purchase new sharks and other unusual ocean monsters.

My Shark Show is the first simulation game about these three, amazing creatures. You can explore their oceans, live with them in their underwater habitat, and take care of them. You'll be able to customize their appearance, learn about their behavior and communication methods, and even help them find a mate.

How to play

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move.