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Murderer is a first-individual investigator multiplayer game that is motivated by games like Among Us and Werewolf. There are three jobs, killer, heavy armament specialist, and regular citizen. The killer has a blade and should kill all regular folks, the heavy armament specialist has a pistol and should kill the killer, and regular people can track down three signs and get a gun. This game is named Shooters. Assuming you like it, have your impressions in the remarks. And furthermore share with others in the informal communities. Partake in all!

Murderer is a tomfoolery party game in confidential "executioner" winks at individuals in the eye to get them dispensed with. Attempt to recognize who the wink killer is. In the city of Los Santos, the old and new crime bosses face off against each other in order to establish domination. As the hit game "GTA" takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, the game "GTA V" too takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos. Gangs and crime bosses rule the city and players have to take on the roles of playable characters in the game and eliminate the enemies. They are criminal masterminds, ruthless gang-lords, vicious drug-dealers, and even twisted scientists. 

The year is 2048 and the world is at peace. Or is it? As artificial intelligence takes on more and more human jobs, what will people do to make money? Crime, that's what. And it's probably going to become even more lucrative than it is today. Crypto-currency has made millionaires out of rogue agents, hackers, and doomsday cults. Criminals are in on the action too, and they're setting up shop in foreign countries like the United States and Western Europe. They're hiring mercenaries to do their dirty work, including eliminating "irrational" fears like privacy, personal freedom, and property rights. Staying one step ahead of the competition is a full-time job. You need to be able to think like a criminal to catch one. That's where the Police comes in. You're special operatives who work behind the scenes, gathering evidence and busting the bad guys. It's not a day at the office for you. 

In the year of 2065, As technology advances and the digital world merges with the real one, a new type of criminal emerges: the digital ones. The Mute Crimes. Humans have become vastly reliant on digital devices in order to stay connected and accomplish everyday tasks. However, with this comes a new breed of criminal who can operate hidden among the digital populace. In a first-person shooter where you play as a detective, you must solve the Mute Crimes before they can spread and become an epidemic. 

How to play

Controls WASD: move Space bar: jump C: crouch Shift: run E: interact with entities F: flashlight LMB: to fire revolver or slash with the knife RMB: to throw the knife Q: emote T: chat