Mora Rush

Mora Rush

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Mora Rush is a new type of arcade game with a simple design and straightforward gameplay. With a story of the same name! It’s got auto-runner gameplay, modern graphics, and an exciting story mode. In this fast-paced, challenging, and addicting game, you will have to tilt your device to keep the ball from falling into the water, avoid all obstacles on its way to the goal line, and try to reach as high a distance as possible. The rules are simple, but it does take some skill to play!

The best arcade game ever! Mora Rush is a new, addicting, and fun arcade game. It's so easy to play! With just a few touches on the screen, you'll be hooked to the screen. And it doesn't require an internet connection. So you can play it anytime and anywhere.

Mora Rush combines the best of word puzzles, arcade games, and casual games for a new thrilling experience. Get ready to solve word puzzles, play arcade levels, and engage in hypercasual gameplay all at the same time! Earn points and win gold by guessing the letters of a word such as "never" or "example." Use your gold to purchase upgrades like more letters in your guess or more tries per round.


How to play

Finger-guessing use mouse