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In the game,  you need to be the best player. Try to survive in the world of terrible monsters. Unlock new characters and power-ups to become the winner. Wish you a pleasant experience!!!. The first half against Chievo saw Milan dominate possession, passing accuracy and shots on target, but they struggled to put any of these chances away when they came their way until finally penalty king Alessio Cerci scored his first goal for the club. A penalty? Yes! There’s no room for sentimentality when football is so harsh and unforgiving like that! 

Catan is a board game where players must build settlements, cities, and roads to strategically use the resources on their small hexagonal-shaped islands in order to win. Players take turns playing one of the six different roles: farmer, hunter, trader, robber, explorer, or woodsman. A player’s turn consists of four phases. In the first phase they will draft a card from their hand which has either action or resource text on it. Then they can resolve that action or use the resource by paying gold pieces or wood pieces respectively. In the second phase they will take one of their available actions such as placing a settlement on an unoccupied space on their island if available. 

A new type of scenario is coming soon. An organization calling itself the Istitute for the Research and Exposure of Extrasordinary Beings (IREX) has been appearing across the globe, claiming to have discovered hidden specimens that have survived from antiquity. They offer large rewards for anyone who can capture one of these ancient creatures. 

Monster City is an upcoming Chinese video game. This video game takes place in a city filled with monsters after the apocalypse. You play as a human who has been raised by monsters as one of them. There are other humans who are also trying to survive against the monsters and you have to choose sides in order to stay alive. 

Monsters io is a free-to-play, collectible card game that’s fast-paced, easy to learn and challenging to master. In Monsters io, you take on the role of an aspiring monster trainer who’s just graduated from Monster Academy. The world has changed since your graduation. Monsters have invaded the human world and are creating havoc everywhere they go. You must train your monsters in order to fight against these invaders and save mankind from destruction. 

How to play

Attempt to live in the world of terrifying monsters, or become one of them to begin a hunt! Take your pick and go! Each has his own set of skills and abilities. Test everyone.