Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges

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Monster School Challenges is amusingly difficult task. The protagonists of Minecraft argued with each other while attending the same monster academy. In this game, you will have to collect resources, build new rooms and keep your monsters happy. Sounds easy right? Okay noob, get ready to get your brain brained! In this game you need to build a school for your monsters and make sure that they are willing to study. If the monster is not interested in learning you can force them by assigning a detention room where they will be locked up until they change their mind. You can also assign them books that change their attitude towards study and class. 

Hey, kiddo! It seems you’re reading about a really creepy and weird game. Wait, did we say ‘game’? That’s not exactly what we meant. This is no ordinary game; it’s a Monster School Challenge with puzzles and riddles that will test your wit and logic. So, before you proceed reading any further, take note: Are you feeling somewhat brave and confident? Well, if not, then maybe you should stop reading now. You see there are no second chances in this game. 

If you are stuck in the Monster School and can’t get out of there, try to complete these challenges to get out as fast as possible. Noobs will have a harder time completing these challenges. 

Hey Noobsters! Are you ready for a brand new challenge? Yes, it’s time for another Monster School noob-braining crafting brain- i-hate-this-game funny monster adventure escape school challenges. 

Monster School is an escape game with a twist! Rather than being locked in a room, you and your team are locked inside different classrooms at monster school. You must complete challenges, puzzles, and riddles to escape each classroom by the end of the game. 

How to play

To begin playing, use the left mouse button.