Metal Black Wars

Metal Black Wars

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Metal Black Wars is a Metal-Slug-like in which you begin by hooping off a helicopter before heading into battle to destroy all enemies in your path. Get ready for the epic war of Metal! Use your mouse to play this awesome and addicting 3D action game. Your world has been taken over by Metal. As a human force, you must fight against Metal to protect your own civilization. The only way to defeat Metal is by making it your ally and joining forces with other humans in the war against Metal. But be trust no one, except maybe your team mates. Get ready for the epic war of Metal! There are many different types of enemies that you will encounter as you progress through the game. 

Do battle for the future of an alien world in Metal Black Wars, an action-packed strategy game that blends real-time combat with resource management. You’ll fight to unlock new technologies, upgrade your base, and build up a formidable army. But beware – your opponents will do anything to stop you from succeeding. Build barracks to train troops and construct buildings to unlock useful technologies like cannons or radar. Build barracks to train troops and construct buildings to unlock useful technologies like cannons or radar. 

It has been a long time since humans have ventured into the outer reaches of our galaxy. The fearsome Buggers have sealed off any possible accesses to the rest of mankind. But now, there seems to be no end to their endless supply of ships, weapons and warriors. It’s time for you as commander to lead your men and women into the darkest recesses of space and face the unknown in a desperate attempt to save Earth from total annihilation.

Metal Wars is another fighting game developed by Double Dragon Developer D4cell, Based in South East Asia. Now Double Dragon has been released for an extremely long time with next gen graphics and amazing gameplay. But we can see that there are no more ways out as the most recent games have been played to their end. What will happen now? Thats what we want to know! 

In the distant future, mankind has created androids which are humanoid replicas of people. These androids look like real people but they lack emotions and feelings. For the sake of survival, mankind is forced to make these androids as servants. 

How to play

Using Mouse