Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams

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Merge Dreams is a casual game with a twist: the object is to change the world around you. The main character is an unlikely heroine who becomes the savior of a magical world by merging objects in dreams. It's a game of exploration and puzzle-solving, with a dash of strategy and creative thinking. It's a world populated by fairies, mermaids, elves, and other mythical creatures. The world is trapped in a routine, though: every night, they all go to bed the second they wake up the next morning. It's time for you to put your skills to the test and change the world around you in order to bring balance back to it. 

As a child, you spent your time in the safety of your fairy tale home, playing hide-and-seek with your friends and drawing pictures. As you grew up and left your home behind, you began to forget many of those childhood memories. But today, you’ve decided to remember once again. You’ve gathered your photo albums, crafted your favorite childhood toys, and set out on a journey through your fairytale home to retrace your steps and rediscover the happy days you spent there as a child. Imagine your surprise, then, when you discovered that your fairytale home had merged with a different world! 

If you’re a gamer, you’ve definitely played a game that has incorporated a character named Mergle (or Mergle the Invader). Mergle the Invader is a fairy from a land called Dreamland, who is invading the world of humans and other fairies (called Dreamlings). The gameplay of this game is similar to that of the usual match-3 games, except for the fact that in this game, you’re going to need to match 3 fairies of the same color and type in order to destroy the invaders. Merge, Merge, Merge. These are three words that are synonymous with this game.

When you’re a child, the world is full of wonder and magic. But when you grow up and leave that magical place behind, you’re left with only a few memories of it—and that’s how it should be, right? After all, it’s pointless to hold on to something that will only cause you pain as an adult, right? Ella’s mum used to tell her stories about a magical place called the Faery Realm. Ella was always so inspired by those stories and wanted to go there herself. But the moment she grew up and left that place behind, she forgot about it. However, one day, her dad showed her a game called "Merge Dreams". The game was meant to be a fantasy world where you could explore and have fun without having to grow up. It was like a virtual journey where you could take every day dreams and turn them into a virtual reality. Ella had no idea what her dad was talking about and she didn't even understand the meaning of "Merge" either. All she knows is that even though her dad doesn’t seem to remember the place himself, he still wanted to take her there. But the Faery Realm was never meant to be part of the real world. 

Do you ever have those days where you wish you could just merge with your friends? Me too. Those days where you just want to spend time with the person you care the most about, but the world keeps getting in the way. That’s fair, y’know. The real world is a cruel mistress and it always seems to find a way to ruin the best of plans. 

How to play

Drag 1 thing onto one more 2 indistinguishable things to get a more elevated level thing. Blend 5 indistinguishable things to get an additional an award thing. Go to the Daily Tasks page to follow through with jobs to get Gold and experience focuses consistently Go to the Main Tasks page to finish the primary responsibilities to get more Gold and experience focuses. The more experience focuses you have, the higher player level you are. The higher the player level you are, the more terrains you can open.