Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a tower defense game, full of explosions! You are an inventor with a bomb-tossing cannon, defending your chickens from waves of hungry animals. Use strategy to choose which animals to merge during each wave. Upgrade your weapons, defenses, and even the animals themselves. The animals are out for blood - will you keep your chickens safe?

The Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is an epic tower defense strategy game with a little something extra! Build your defenses and try to save the chickens from the waves of enemies. Upgrade your weapons and defenses to stay on top of the competition. A-wait, what's that? The merge cannon is here! Drop it in the middle of the battlefield and watch as towers fly through enemies like they weren't even there. 

Join the battle for the farm with our tower-defense game, Merge Cannon! Protect your eggs from invading chickens with a wide range of towers, including guns, lasers, and more. Unlock upgrades and new weapons as you progress through waves of enemies. Defend your flock with different strategies to create a winning defense with this addicting mobile game!

Prepare for an onslaught of unstoppable waves of dangerous chickens! The Merge Cannon is the only weapon capable of defeating them. But this weapon will need you to upgrade your weaponry and defenses if you want to survive. Use your skills in this strategy game to defend the farm!

It's time to defend your chicken farm from the hungry hordes of invading zombies! Use the Merge Cannon to create towers that shoot down the zombies. The Cannon can be upgraded with many different types of ammo, like Nitro Blast, Acid Rain, or Spiked Balls. Choose wisely, because each type of ammo has its own specialty. Play solo or compete with other players in our multiplayer mode.

Merge Cannon is a game that throws players into the heart of the city where they find themselves assigned to defend it by merging their own cannon ball with other objects in order to create powerful weapons.

How to play

Use the mouse