Laser Cannon Levels Pack

Laser Cannon Levels Pack

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Laser Cannon Levels Pack is the absolutely new exciting and challenging game! You’re the commander of a space outpost that is under attack. Enemy ships are trying to destroy you and your laser cannon is the only thing that can stop them.

Stay alert, get ready and shoot down all enemies before they destroy you! Stay focused on the screen at all times and keep an eye on all enemies. Shoot as fast as possible once you identify a target so you can take it down before it destroys your outpost. If one of the ships manages to get past your defenses, it will shoot at your outpost from above. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid losing lives at this stage! Keep upgrading your laser cannon with the coins you earn during each level. 

From now on there is no rest for you shooting enthusiasts. You have to think hard and fast simultaneously to beat the enemy and win the game. So get your thinking caps on and shoot those red, green and blue targets before they shoot you first! Enjoy this brand new pack of levels for the addictive strategy game Laser Cannon - a fun, challenging and excitingly strategic shooting game where you’ll need to outsmart your opponent as much as outshoot them. 

Shoot the ice cubes and set up chain reactions to bring down the targets as fast as possible in this tricky arctic sniper game. Top with friends, compete with them and become the ultimate arctic sniper! Get ready for a wild ride full of penguins, polar bears, snowmen, and lots of challenging levels. This game is not only super fun but will also keep you on your toes constantly trying to beat your own high score.

You are a member of the elite task force called Laser Cannon, whose main job is to neutralize all threats to peace. The world recently has been through some heavy changes and now there are many people who have grown distrustful of one another. These conditions have lead to the development of new technologies that can be used to hurt others, such as laser cannons. 

How to play

To shoot, use the mouse. To power shoot, keep pressing the mouse button. To move your cannon, use WASD or Arrows.