Into The Dead Trigger

Into The Dead Trigger

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Survive the zombie apocalypse and kill the zombies with guns and melee weapons. Into the Dead Trigger is the most intense action game you'll play this year! Lead protagonist, Ethan, on a heart-pounding mission to take down the world's most terrifying zombies! Cut through the undead hordes with multiple weapons including sniper rifles, shotguns, and grenades. Upgrade your arsenal with new guns and gear as you progress through the game.

Play the classic zombie horror FPS game that took mobile gaming by storm. Intense action gameplay and superb graphics will get your heart racing. The undead are walking once again. Watch your back, or they'll take you down.

First-person shooters are all about giving players an immersive and visceral experience of the horror and exhilaration of fighting through a zombie apocalypse. Into the Dead is one such game, with outstanding graphics and an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. Fight your way through hordes of zombies on a mission to find your loved ones. Shoot them down with your rifle or machete, smash them with a car, blow them up with grenades and more.

How to play

Mouse 1 : fire weapon

Mouse 2 : raise sights or block

W A S D: Move Player

Left Shift : sprint

Left Ctrl : crouch

X : prone

Q : lean left

E : lean right

Space : jump

F : use item

R : reload

G : throw grenade

Esc or Tab : Pause