Imperia Online

Imperia Online

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Imperia Online game is divided into different periods, from the medieval period to the modern one. You can build a city and manage it. Your ultimate goal is to become the EMPIRE! As you complete missions, your character will earn money, which will be used to construct new buildings, improve existing ones and hire new citizens. The character can also get married and have children. Once your family grows up, they’ll start working for you and producing additional income. You control a small city in this game, but what makes it really interesting is that there are many other cities that you can interact with as well. You can send people and resources to them so that they grow as well. If you have more than one account, you can connect them together so that your characters can move between them easily and build your empire faster. 

The game of Dacia Empire is an Action Real-time Strategy game that takes you to the gold and marble age, where you start as a simple villager, working your way to becoming lord and ruler of the Dacian Empire. The gameplay is highly strategic in nature with a focus on building up your empire by conquering neighboring kingdoms, forming alliances, gaining favor from factions and marrying princesses. Once you have conquered all other nations, it’s time to attack the ones that have invaded your lands. The game features various in-game purchase options such as clothes, jewels and weapons which help you out in different ways. If you are into social gaming then this is the perfect fit for you! You can also create clans with people all over the world. 

Imperia is an online game, strategy, social and build games in one. A persistent virtual world with a myriad of activities for players of all ages and gaming skill levels to enjoy. Stunning graphics coupled with fluid gameplay make Imperia one of the most immersive games on Google Play. With hours of content for you to explore, our goal is to keep the game fresh and exciting for both old and new players. The main idea behind Imperia is that it’s a fully-featured sandbox MMO where you can build your own Empire from scratch thanks to the in-depth building system we’ve implemented. 

Imperia Online is a social web game based on building your own virtual city. It offers you robust in-built features and enables you to play with friends and guild mates. You are given the freedom to build anything from an office complex, hotel, shopping mall or a castle. You can purchase unique plots of land and develop them as per your wish.

Imperia is a new social and strategy based game where you will be able to build your own empire and grow with other players. You will have the opportunity to meet new players and friends from all around the world either in person or online. 

How to play

Use your mouse and click around to interact with the game.