Horde Killer: You vs 100

Horde Killer: You vs 100

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Horde Killer: You vs 100 is a powerful first-individual endurance shooter where you should without any help annihilate swarms of fierce zombies. This game is classified as Shooters! You vs 100 Horde Killer You are the last human warrior in the battle against the Horde Killer. In this FPS survival game, you will face the hordes of zombies with only your weapon and your wits. But do not worry, as you are not alone. In order to survive, you will have to work together with your friends and other players to search for weapons, food and shelter. To eliminate the horde, you will have to lead your team to the exit zone, while avoiding traps and other deadly dangers. There are many ways to survive. However, not all of them will be fun. It’s up to you to decide if you want to stay and fight or run for your life. 

Mess around with this game Horde Killer: You versus 100 free of charge an engaging 3d activity game shooting relentless until you wipe out the orange zombies. You are the main any desire for the world Destroy swarms of lunatics. A gigantic munititions stockpile of different weapons, including automatic rifles and RPGs, is available to you.
Crowd Killer: You versus 100 is an endurance shooter where the world is loaded up with hordes of insane zombies. The reason for the end times was the viral beverage Orange Zombie. In the wake of drinking it, individuals would go off the deep end and become orange.

In this game you are against other players in a battle royale. You have to be the last alive to win. Besides the typical battle royale game, this game also has a bit of a horde mode. You will have to be the last survivor, but there will be more players than you. You have to use your team and strategies to stay alive and win the game. The map is the same every time, but there are different gamemodes. You can play this game in your browser with your friends or even with strangers from different countries.


How to play

Controls WASD / ZQSD = move Space = roll / jump over / climb Left-click = shoot Right-click = aim Mouse wheel / 1-5 = change weapons G = grenade R = reload