Heroes Towers

Heroes Towers

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Heroes Towers is a fantasy strategy game where you build and defend your tower against enemy attacks. Your main objective is to defend your tower while collecting as many Stars as possible. With the help of different kinds of magical creatures, you will be able to achieve this and even your tower using resources gained from clearing the different stages and upgrading it in order to get access to new units, rooms or defenses. 

Pixel-Bit Studio created the tower defense game Tower Heroes for ROBLOX. The game's heroes, events, codes, maps, and more are all covered here.

In this new fantasy role playing game, you will meet new friends and crush your enemies with magic. Immerse yourself in a world of cool characters, and hone your skills as a magician. This new game features an intriguing storyline, challenging puzzles, and exciting match-3 gameplay. Crush Your Enemies with Magic and become the greatest magician who ever lived! The evil sorcerer Hocus has kidnapped the princesses of all kingdoms. In order to free them, you have to pass their tests by solving tricky puzzles and finding hidden objects. 

This game is a very interesting game with tons of magical wizards, warriors and other characters that will amaze you. Crush the Magician is one of the most popular characters in this game, his magical powers are so strong that he can turn anyone into a piece of candy by simply tapping them with his wand. This article will help you understand all you need to know about This amazing game, including strategy tips and tricks to get you started playing this game as quickly as possible. 

This game is a magical world full of weird creatures and mysterious places. The kingdom is under attack by evil forces, and its inhabitants need your help to drive them out! That’s where you come in – become a magician apprentice, learn the art of magic, and stop the dark lords! Assemble an army of heroes, build towers and cast spells to protect the innocent people. Recruit new allies, upgrade their abilities and take back the lands from the invaders.

Heroes and Villains are hidden among us. Some of us are just better at keeping it a secret than Crush your arch nemesis with magic, crush them with your new hero. Or both. 

How to play

Click on the selected platform and choose the desired element to construct or upgrade a tower element. You need coins, which you can get by battling other players, in order to build and enhance. Press the DEFEND button to test your tower. Two opponents will be chosen, and their units will assault your tower. You require heroes, which you can recruit and upgrade for cash, to attack other players' towers.