Heli Battle

Heli Battle

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This Heli Battle amazing latest copter free game offers you 20 different helicopter combat missions. So check the flight radar of 24 seven, look out for enemies in the sky. Do you like helicopter simulator 3D games? Then strap on the pilot tight, because we have the latest helicopter fighting games ready for you to play.
A speedy helicopter fight game. Bring down the foe chopper no matter what. Gather projectiles to fire rockets. Tap to climb. Delivery to drop down. First to 10 dominates the game. 

Heli Battle ! It’s time to get on board, because this is the most intense racing simulator you will ever play. Join the army and become a pilot in one of the most popular combat simulations available. Your enemies are waiting for you with their helicopter guns blazing, but don’t let them down…giant Gatling guns will be your ultimate weapon. Become an expert pilot and take on all challengers with confidence. In this game you will have to take command of your own military helicopter to complete mission-based objectives against other players or computer controlled opponents.

Helicopters are the new cool. They come in all shapes and sizes from tiny micro-helicopters to huge military rotorcrafts. With their high speeds, maneuverability and payload capacity, helicopters are an incredibly versatile vehicle. They can be driven as a hobby for people of all ages or as a business tool for anyone who owns or operates a company that operates heavy machinery or needs access to remote areas that cannot be reached by road. Helicopters have many economic benefits including reduced operating costs, increased safety measures and lower energy consumption. If you own a helicopter, you need this game! This game is an awesome physics based helicopter simulation game with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic sounds effects. Inspired by real-world military rotorcrafts, this game puts your piloting skills to the ultimate test with more than 60 exciting missions across diverse environments such as sandy deserts, lush forests and snow-covered peaks. 

Helicopter & Aviation games have become quite popular as of late. If you’re into simulation and flight then you’ll love these games. They are not only fun but very addictive too! Helicopter battle is a game where you play against computer or another player. In this game, you will be commanding your own helicopter squadron against the enemy V-Force units. Basically, it is a war simulation of air forces fighting each other with their helicopters in combat missions. The gameplay involves controlling your aircraft in flight to attack and destroy the enemy targets. You can even upgrade your helicopter and make it more powerful to fight bigger enemies and threats.

Today, there are many different types of games for mobile devices. Some of these games are really addicting and fun to play. If you like simulation games, your search is over. Today we will talk about a great game called This amazing game Simulator. This game Simulator is a free helicopter simulator game in which you can control and shoot different helicopters in 3D environment. Players can customize their helicopters with different weapons and other options. 

Helicopters are fast, maneuverable and can be controlled easily. There are many types available in the market ranging from military to civilian. You don't need a complicated knowledge to operate them. They just need some practice and you'll be flying like a pro in no time. You can enjoy playing this awesome game called Helicopter Simulator for free on your Android phone or tablet. The game has been developed by PlayHole and is playable on most Android devices such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other brands too. 

How to play

Defeat the enemy helicopter