Gold Gun Fury.IO

Gold Gun Fury.IO

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Gold Gun Fury.IO is a 3D game played from the first person perspective. During the course of your operation, your crew was ambushed. Being the lone survivor, you must battle your adversaries alone. Your team has uncovered the location of a hostile research facility that was kept a secret. Utilizing your firearm, eliminate each of the security personnel stationed at the laboratory.

Gold, silver and bronze. All three precious metals have their own unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest. So why not combine all three to create something even more valuable? - Combine the weight of gold with the beauty of silver to create a masterpiece - Combine the power of bronze with the steadiness of iron to create an object that can be counted on to succeed in any situation. In other words, a gold-plated machine! In this strategy game you must combine and upgrade your base so as to acquire resources, crafting blueprints and upgrades necessary to build stronger units and better defenses. Build up your base and protect it against enemy attackers by upgrading walls, floors and gates as well as researching new tech trees and unit types. 

Gold is in the air and enemies are everywhere. Grab your bow and arrow because you're about to embark on an epic adventure! Gold is in the air and enemies are everywhere. Grab your bow and arrow because you’re about to embark on a real adventure! Whether you choose to play stealthily, or go all out attack, this game has it all! You play as the son of a king who has been betrayed by his own people, now he must escape with his gold- loving girlfriend. But not before he curses everyone who has ever touched his gold. See if you can escape the fortress before time runs out! 

Gold Gun Fury is an Action Shooting game. You will play as a Gold Hunter and you have to defend the Gold Mine base from the hordes of Threats by shooting them. Unlock new weapons and gadgets that will help you achieve victory in this battle against Evil. The Threats will come in different forms such as Animals, Pirates, Bandits and Zombies. Some Threats are harmless while others are very harmful. There will be times when you may feel like giving up but never give up because one day you might just save someone’s life with your actions. 

Gold is gold, no matter what color it is. You have been working for many days in order to find the right spot to build your dream house. You have finally found a great plot of land that you can use as a home for you and your family. Prepare yourself because this will be the biggest challenge of your life. It will not be easy getting everything ready in time but with patience and hard work you can do it. Follow the simple instructions provided in this DIY guide and you will not fail. 

What is Gold? Is it the color of money, or the metal itself? In this fast-paced shooting game there are different places to play and win. You will have to find out what secrets these locations hide and how much gold they hold. The player who collects the most amount of gold will be crowned champion! Explore different places and uncover their secrets. Find new weapons and items to use against your opponents in battle. Compete against players from all over the world in exciting PVP matches. 

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