Giant Race

Giant Race

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Giant race is an adventure run game. It is a 3D adventure run game where you play as a character and run across the world in search of your lost pet red kangaroo named Bill. You have to be fast to complete this adventure. Avoid traps and other deadly creatures to advance through forests, deserts, caves and more in your quest to find Bill. There are many obstacles in your path like hungry bears, roaring lions and mean monkeys that just want to take you home instead of giving you the chance to find Bill. The game features a variety of animals you can encounter from rats, snakes, spiders and frogs which all want to stop you from finding Bill while also having fun with the different environments they live in.

When three giants (Bag, Bear and Bull) find themselves bored by the same park, they decide to play a game. They put together everything they can find in the park: swings, seesaws, abandoned cars, even small trees and bushes. Once they are done putting everything within reach into the giant’s basket, they begin their new game. The first player enters the giant’s basket. Another player tries to hit him/her with a stick from either side of the basket. If he misses, his opponent will enter the basket and try to hit him from either side with sticks again. 

The giants are a race of large humanoids that inhabit the world of Myth. They are not one unified race; many sub-species of giants exist. The most common ones are stone and frost giants. Their societies vary greatly from tribe to tribe, but they tend to have some things in common as well. They worship great natural forces and beings, venerating them almost as gods. 

In a world where humans were hunted to extinction and giant monsters reign supreme, there exists the sport of ROGUE GAMES. Through these games, teams of players hunt down the most dangerous and elusive artificial monsters. The first team to bring back their monster wins… but if you’re not careful who you trust, your friends might end up as your prey. In RESIDENT EVIL 2: THE PHANTOM PAYS you play as rookie cop Leon Kennedy in the sequel to the original resident evil. 

How to play

Control characters, gather companions and avoid obstacles