Fighter Manager

Fighter Manager

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In the simulation game Fighter Manager, you play the role of an e-sports team's coach. To arrange players for matches, you must manage them.

After years of training, you’ve finally reached the top of your field. It’s time to celebrate with a tournament that pits all the best fighters in your club against one another. Your Fighters will have to face other clubs and earn points to qualify for the finals. The highest scoring players from each club will then compete in the finals for the title of Club Champion! You can pitch in by creating your own custom rules for how you want your fighters to fight and improve their skills at training. If you don’t feel like going through all that trouble yourself, each fighter has a level between 1 and 100 where they can learn new moves or train harder and get stronger at fighting. 

Need a new fighting game to play with friends or just keep yourself entertained? Look no further than the king of all fighting games: The WWE. WWE Immortals is a fun and casual mobile game that pits you against other players to defeat their club. As a manager of your own club, you will be able to choose from different wrestlers, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Make sure that you’re aware of what each wrestler has as well as their weaknesses so that you can plan accordingly in any given situation. Each character in the game has their own advantages, making them perfect for certain situations and matchups while others are not. 

In this game, you are playing as the manager of the fighting tournament club. You need to train your fighters and build up a strong club by using various tools at your disposal. You can find new managers in different places and they will be willing to join you with certain conditions. They need to be properly managed and given the right training. There are many types of clubs available but they all have one thing in common – training! Each type of training increases the chance of your fighters performing well so choose wisely! The sumo club emphasizes on body strength while the karate club focuses on technique. The baseball league is good for hitting while wrestling is great for grappling. 

Be the best fighter in the club! Train your fighters and build the ultimate Dojo. Manage your fighter’s training, fights and diet to ensure they are at their peak performance. Fights will be held in different types of fighting pits, from small street-side boxing rings to massive sumo stadiums. You can even stage an underground bare-knuckle fighting tournament or a no-holds-barred martial arts challenge! You can also train your fighters outside of the club, such as at a training camp or in an isolation cell. 

There are a lot of different fighting game genres, and all of them require you to be aware of your surroundings. Certain fighters can hurt you from certain angles, and that’s why having good movement skills is so important. 

How to play

Control the character with the mouse. To utilize cards, drag and drop with the mouse.