Fight Simulator 3D

Fight Simulator 3D

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Fight Simulator 3D is a 3d fighting game where you play as an android. You can punch and kick your opponents until they are defeated! Use simple controls to fight your enemies.

You’re standing in a large fighting arena. The spectators are cheering and jeering at you, their insults adding to your sense of unease. You must fight your way out! In this game you'll face numerous opponents, each one more difficult than the last! Are you ready to show everyone who is the true king of fighters? Fighting Simulator 3D is an action game with mechanics similar to arcade games. Your goal is simple: survive as long as possible by fighting endless waves of opponents and testing your skills against some of the toughest fighters ever created. In this game, you will have various opponents such as brawlers, farmers, soldiers, rangers and even knights. Each character has its own unique techniques that must be countered if you want to win the fight! 

In this 3D Fighting Simulator you can fight against other players in multiplayer mode! Fight your friends or random opponents: choose your weapons, upgrade your character and go on a real street fighting rampage. You can also challenge computer controlled opponents in single player mode. The game mechanics are simple and easy to learn, but it takes a lot of practice to master the fighting skills. 

Fight Simulator is a Fighting game. You can play it with your friends or family if you have android, ios devices. This is the awesome 3D Fighting Game for Android, iOS and PC. In this game you will fight with different character against different rival in different locations of the city. 

A fighting game is a video game that involves combat between the player and either computer-controlled opponents or other players. Fighting games usually involve hand-to-hand combat, with common weapons such as punches, kicks, and Spears. 

How to play

 Instruction Slide to move