Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

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Play the game about the game. It's all about you! Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero is an action-packed, top-down shooter with RPG elements for the hardcore gamer in all of us. You play as Guyz, a soldier in charge of protecting Earth. Defend your teammates, level up your weapons, unlock new skills, and explore the galaxy all to save Earth from total destruction!

A thrilling tower defense game with so many things to do, you will forget time! With a variety of towers and heroes to choose from, you will have a different experience every time.

Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero is a new kind of action game where you can shoot and dodge through a never-ending galaxy. At Fall of Guyz, we're all about quality games. We're not just building a game to sell more games--we're creating an experience where you can enjoy shooting your enemies, leveling up your hero, and most importantly, having fun with friends.

Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero offers players the chance to become the hero they always wanted to be. With precision control, advanced visuals, and addictive gameplay, Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero will keep you on your toes.

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot by calculating the angle or touch the screen on mobile devices.