Epic Defense Clash

Epic Defense Clash

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Epic Defense Clash is a simple and engaging game. Facing a series of terrifying monsters, are you brave enough to join this battle? Get the boys ready for an epic 3D defense battle. You will become a powerful warrior. Your job is to fight the enemies who have come to destroy the tower in your castle. Be a legend by fighting impressively with your opponents and enjoy the battle. Amazing levels of clash tower fighting game and lots of other features give you the best experience of non-stop fighting in clash defense game.

Only the most powerful medieval knights can earn magically blessed weapons! Have you ever wanted to be a medieval knight? You will be able to achieve your ambitions in the game Epic Defense Clash. You have complete control over your weaponry, including fire-attribute bows and arrows, water-attribute axes, and even thunder-attribute long swords.

How to play

Click and WASDHJL to control